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Vocabulary Quest

****multi-award winning software****

Game-based advanced vocabulary builder.

* Master 1200 advanced vocabulary words using game-based software

* Sophisticated progress tracking system

* Audio and usage examples

* Several learning activities to choose from

* Excellent review for SAT, ACT, and GRE tests


Add power and persuasion to your communication skills by defeating the Mages and restoring order to the Lands of Vocab! Learning advanced vocabulary has never been more entertaining and effective than with Vocabulary Quest.


* Before beginning your quest select between a male or female character.

* Review words before battle using detailed definitions, audio pronunciations, and usage examples.

* Play mini-games such as crossword puzzles, matching, multiple choice and flash cards to help study.



* Battle summoned monsters by spelling the correct word for a definition.

* Collect Gems and Keys by defeating summoned monsters to progress through your quest.

* Keep track of your scores by earning medals.

* Free the inhabitants by vanquishing the Mage.



* Vocabulary Quest will automatically track words you missed in battle by placing a red dot next to the word and place them in the Red Dot Tracker.

* The Red Dot Tracker feature will conveniently keep track of words incorrectly answered while in battle. Manually select and play any of the mini-games for review.

* Select words that you are having difficulty with and place them in the Study Hall where you can review.

* Create your own custom lists and study them using any of the mini-games.



* Join Guilds by defeating the arena monsters and completing levels!

* Unlock new gear and special powers by joining Guilds.

For ages 10 to adult

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